Grace – Seeds of Grace (Part 3)

Picture by Joshua Lanzarini (Unsplash)

The seed of grace is a personal writing. I believe most people can reflect on the seeds that were planted in their life. It makes me think of a spiritual teaching, titled Family Fulfilled. In the lesson, he talked about the previous generation planting seeds that grew trees to cover the next generation. When he spoke of the trees, this dealt with all aspects of life. In this post, the focus is the tree of grace.

It is important to understand that GOD can work through anyone. The Bible speaks of having faith of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20). It is the perfect description of how great our GOD is. A mustard seed is so small that you could mistake it for sand. It is so tiny that most would throw it to the way side. But, it is the very thing that GOD is seeking. This doesn’t mean you should cheat GOD of his praise and acknowledging who HE is, but it displays how a small amount of faith can carry you a long way. What’s even greater is the result of the mustard seed. That same small speck can eventually grow ten feet tall, in just a few months. A perfect display of GOD and HIS grace.

This is the very reason that GOD can work through others. The faith and work of another can be the very reason you are yet here. I’m a living witness to this blessing. I grew up like most kids, and I’ve experienced a lot of things. Some were good and some were bad. For the most part, the good outweighed the bad. I know for a fact that the good outweighed, because I’m blessed to be writing to you. I witnessed the planting of seeds, at a young age. Before I was mature enough to understand GOD, I witnessed an experience that has stayed with me to this day. It is confirmation that GOD works through others.

As a preteen sleeping on my relatives’ couch, I was awakened by shouting and odd sounds. Out of fear, I never opened my eyes. As I laid on the couch, I barely cracked my eyes open to see what was going on. Directly in front of me was my aunt on her knees, speaking in tongues. I had no knowledge of this communication, so I was clueless to what was going on. I was still in fear, so I continued to act as if I was asleep.

For me, my aunt was planting a seed. She was placing a covering over my life that has carried me to this day. A seed of grace. Fast forward more than twenty years, where I have experienced life-changing events that could have taken my life or even placed me in prison. I may have forgotten a lot of things, but I’ve always remembered that important moment in my life. It was amazing, because I wasn’t the one that planted it. This anointed woman planted a seed that covered me for decades.

This provides a better understanding of why some people will have grace that they may not deserve or never asked for. You never know who might be praying for you or speaking into your life. At the same time, there will always be people that need prayers and covering in their lives. Never forsake the power that GOD has given you. Sometimes, we’re only blessed to be a blessing to others. I’m simply a vessel to spread GOD’s Word. My life was spared for this very moment. I may never see you face-to-face, but that doesn’t change the power of GOD. What you may view as a mustard seed can be the very ten-foot tree that covered someone else’s life. Even as I write this, I’m yet amazed at what GOD can do and continues to do. Reach out to HIM, in Jesus’ name and plant your seeds of grace.

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  1. Marchellius says:

    Great word! Had to reflect on the many sends planted in my life… Thank you.


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