A recent experience opened my eyes to the importance of being humble. My entire life is an example of why humbleness is important. Currently, my Pastor has us on a fast from negativity. This means negative thoughts, actions, and words. We even have a slogan, if we let the negativity slip into our lives: “Crop Failure”. This simply means that whatever you speak or do goes out into the atmosphere and you’re sowing that seed. We never want to sow seeds of negativity, so we proclaim “crop failure” to curse those seeds and speak/do positivity. This is an awesome fast, because the world is drenched in negativity. It’s so extreme that it is packaged and promoted as a good thing. We even have special categories for negativity (e.g. drama tv, drama books). This causes us to embrace negative influences and eject humble out the passenger seat.

This is a scary situation. Before you know it, the next generation won’t even know what humbleness is. A writing I recently read talked about the importance of the Ten Commandments. The writer mentioned that the conversation took place years ago. He was talking with a fellow student at his college, and she questioned the importance of the Ten Commandments. She stated that with all the technology and how we’ve advanced, she didn’t see a need for the Ten Commandments. This is how easy the enemy can alter our morals and the truths about GOD. This is also how we can lose the importance of being humble.

This writing also addressed the five smooth stones of David, when he took down Goliath (1 Samuel 17). He broke down how the five stones represented Faith, Obedience, Service, Prayer, and the Holy Spirit. These are all linked to being humble. We humble ourselves from pride and focusing on ourselves, by having faith, obedience, service, prayer, and the Holy Spirit. David was coming against this mammoth of a beast, called Goliath. Goliath was so dangerous that entire armies were in fear of him. But, David took it to another level. He humbled himself and placed trust in GOD. This was the very act that led to David defeating Goliath.

The writing points out that our Goliath are the challenges that we face on earth (e.g. bad habits, negative influences) and we can only defeat them with our five smooth stones (Faith, Obedience, Service, Prayer, and the Holy Spirit). I love that the Bible didn’t just call them rocks or stones, but they were specifically labeled “smooth stones”. Isn’t that just like GOD? When we humble ourselves and place our trust in HIM, the transition is actually smooth and easy. With the many distractions and challenges, it may seem difficult but it honestly isn’t as bad as it looks. This is the perfect connection to Goliath. He may look like an impossible challenge, but all David needed was one smooth stone to knock Goliath upside the head. This walk has helped me learn more about myself and also address the Goliaths in my life. Do you need to fast to equip yourself with the five smooth stones? Are you upholding GOD’s Word and the importance of remaining humble? It’s never too late to start.

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  1. Will Kratt says:

    Great Word! I’m going to add a Negativity fast as one of the options for our 21 day fast as a church at the beginning of the year. Please thank your pastor for me on that one.


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