Living Proof

photo by Aaron Burden (Unsplash)

This post is a personal testimony of who God really is. In the beginning I couldn’t grasp how everything was being pieced together, but I knew there was a reason for this blog. This is also why we have extra ordinary blessings in our lives. We each have to be that vessel that reaches others. After something extraordinary happens, we can’t simply thank GOD and keep going. True praise involves thanking GOD and telling others how great HE’s been.

In reality, we place a cap on our blessings by placing a cap on our testimony. You can’t simply tell GOD thank you and keep going. Your breakthrough was an opportunity to tell someone how good HE is and encourage them to keep trusting. This is what makes it extraordinary, so that others can see the power of GOD. If you think about it, GOD didn’t stop working when the Bible was finished. If so, a lot of us would be in trouble. HE no longer needed the Bible to be written, because now we can share HIS goodness with one another. Especially with technology, everyone has the opportunity of knowing the true power of GOD. One of the main reasons there are so many disbelievers is because there aren’t many sharing their testimony of proof that GOD is real.

Another great example is Jesus Christ. Jesus wasn’t created to exclusively pray and talk to GOD. He lived His life as a living testimony. He was the ultimate proof of who GOD really is. And, we learned about the blessings Jesus received. Imagine how much more HE could do for you, if you became living proof of who GOD really is.

I have so many extraordinary blessings I can share. My most recent is my marriage to an awesome woman. Even with the health challenges I had to face since birth, GOD continued to bless me. And this past month, HE blessed me with a wife and family of my own. This is confirmation that no matter what you may be going through, GOD still has a purpose for your life and greater blessings to come. You have to choose to be a vessel that shares the wonderful works of GOD, so that HE can continue to rain on your life.

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  1. Shelly Kline says:

    Amen! Always have to be a vessel, and willing! Praise Him in the Sun & in the Storm. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability.


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