Power of Weakness

image by Vicky Sim (Unsplash)

I’ve experienced two crucial parts of life. There was one point, where I felt I had just about everything in life. In my mid twenties, I was working two full-time jobs, I had four vehicles, and I believed I could do just about anything I wanted. At this time, I had also lost a substantial amount of weight. For some, I was living my best life. I was even active at my church. I was involved in several ministries, so life never had a dull moment. Even then, I was lacking spiritually.

Eventually, life began to change. It wasn’t instantly, but there was a gradual change. I started to develop my own personal “thorn in my flesh” (2 Corinthians 12:7). Imagine having four vehicles to not being able to legally drive. Two jobs went to temp jobs and a period of unemployment. I was even less active in the church. The amazing part about this change is that I began to grow spiritually.

I no longer had ‘things’ to satisfy me. I had to discover my satisfaction with GOD. Although I was once very active in church, I wasn’t as active in my relationship with GOD. I knew GOD was great, but I had no clue that I hadn’t achieved much spiritually. Everything I once had was given to me. My very life on earth was simply a gift from GOD. HE gave me the ability to work hard, which led to the things that I once had. I was able to see this in my weakness. Weakness began to birth humility. I was put in a position to humble myself and appreciate being able to still live on this earth and breathe.

At this very moment as I write this post, I’m yet learning how to humble myself. I’m learning that humbling myself is increasing the presence of GOD. HE is becoming more active in my life. Things are being revealed that I could have never imagined. At times, it as if I’m watching a movie. And I know for a fact that I would have never been in this position as my old self. To think that my battles in life only made me stronger is how amazing GOD is.

When we’re too spiritually weak to humble ourselves, then GOD’s only option is to weaken our flesh (pride, arrogance) where all we can do is bow before the King. HE doesn’t purposely hurt us, but GOD allows certain things to happen to bring forth our humility. This is one of the key reasons we have to fast. When we prove that we can survive without, then GOD can trust us with more. It develops our character to be “Christ like”, and only then can GOD truly bless us. The Bible tells us, “every knee should bow” (Philippians 2:10-11). Amen.

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