Power of Love

image by Ben White (Unsplash)

One of the greatest talents that GOD gave, when HE created us is love. It’s a gift that no sin or enemy can fight against. The strength of love is so powerful that it is the very tool that GOD used to cover us. It is also one of the most important commandments in the Bible (Mark 12:29-31)

In the Bible, GOD didn’t use a weapon or some great fire from the sky for our salvation. HE used something as simple as love. And, GOD used it in two ways. First, GOD’s love for HIS creation prevented us from being destroyed for our sins. Even now when we make a mistake, there isn’t a jury that appears to judge us for our wrongdoing. We can simply ask for forgiveness and keep going, because GOD’s love allows us this grace. In the beginning, people weren’t as fortunate as we are today.

The second way that GOD used love is through Jesus Christ. HE allowed HIS Son to walk the earth as a normal human being and eventually, sacrificed his life out of love. Even as the very people beat Him and hung Him on the cross, Jesus yet had love for them. In Luke 23:34, Jesus asked GOD to forgive them. They didn’t realize what they were doing, so Jesus displayed love because One Day we all will know. This is how great His love is. It also displays the power that we have with love.

Starting today, you should utilize your power of love. One thing I’ve learned is that no one can fight love. It’s impossible. When was the last time you responded in hate to love? If there is anyone that brings stress or drama to your life, you need to fight them with love. The next time you speak to that person with love, watch their response. It could be someone at your job or even in your home. Compliment them on how good they look or how much great work they’re doing, then wait for their response. You will soon experience that agape love, because love can only produce love. Soon, your entire environment will change from something as simple and important as love.

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